53 Candles


The Ancient Greeks believed that doves represented the renewal of life. The fine feathered creatures featured on our Demetra bracelet are as meaningful as they are fashionable.

It is especially meaningful as this unique addition to our charming selection comes as we celebrate Demetra “Didi” Diles’ birthday! We could think of no better way to commemorate this special day than to launch this charm that is near and dear to our hearts.
We will continue to honour the life Didi lived, and the blessings she left behind on milestones like today, and forever more. AFA will see to it that Didi’s desire to #EndPanCan lives on.
An everlasting symbol of aspiration the birds are the perfect embodiment of Didi’s strong will.
Take flight, and fight with our delightful Demetra bracelet available now: